Student Contract

William Winsor School Student Contract Pledge by the Student

I promise to work hard every day to achieve my personal best.
I understand that my education is important and I will try to make the most of every opportunity I have to learn.
I understand that the Winsor School core values of respect, responsibility, and effort, and I will try to live up to them every day.

R - I will be a RESPONSIBLE student and a ROLE MODEL for others.

E - I will approach learning with ENTHUSIASM. I will work hard to display a positive attitude.

S - I will ask for and accept the SUPPORT I need and I will SUPPORT and care for others. I will be kind and I will treat others as I wish to be treated.

P - I will arrive at school PREPARED, focused, ready to learn, and on time each day. I will complete my homework every night and I will use my time wisely.

E - I will demonstrate good EFFORT when I approach a task. I will demonstrate the EFFORT necessary to achieve my learning goals.

C - I will rise to the CHALLENGE of being a Winsor student. I will COMMUNICATE with my parents and teachers so they can help me succeed. I will COMMUNICATE with other students to contribute to their learning and the safety and respect within the COMMUNITY.

T - I will be TRUSTWORTHY and TRUTHFUL in everything I do. I will do what is right. I will be honest and kind, and I will have integrity. I understand that there is value in telling the TRUTH, and honesty will make most situations better.

I will respect myself and my community. This includes my teachers, my peers, and all other members of Winsor School.
I understand that I must live up to the Winsor School RESPECT values to be a contributing member of this community of leaders and learners.
I promise I will work hard to demonstrate these RESPECT values.

Signature of RESPECTFUL Winsor Student_________________________________
Signature of SUPPORTIVE Winsor Parent/s_________________________________